jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Topics presented in class today:

His dog
His dog is crazy and he likes to bite plants and make a big mess at home.
But they love him.

Benjamin Rodríguez
Joaquin Sinclair
A project
They want to improve service in restaurants
so it becomes easier and faster to order food. Its a machine that reduces
time and gives more privacy to the client.

Gadget for phone
Its an app that can be configured with your phone so you can lock and unlock it, play music and change the seat position.

Stanley Kubrick
His movies have a lot of symmetry. And they became controversial because of all the violence on them and tabu topics.

Pepe, fernanda and Rosa
Gap has 3,000 factories in 15 different countries.
Principally young woman work for the company. Specially from countries like thailand or in Latin America. People work 100 hours per week and get paid very very few.

Started a long time ago. People that practice parkour can jump a wall in less
than two seconds. “if you can think about it, you can do it“

(Missing name) :(
Design thinking
ways to solve problems and be creative. Its a method to organise the way we think
and the way we design new ideas.

Luis Miguel
He is not Mexican. His mom is Italian and his dad is from Spain. He is a womanizer and he has been married several times.

Juan Carlos
There is a video where you can see people being tortured.

there is people that can drink 8 to 15 lts of water a day. This can happen because people want to lose weight and they feel pleased when they drink this much water.

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