viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Olivia and Lindsey

Our exercise in class was to discuss about an ethical situation between a woman called Anne who’s looking for someone to hire for her company. Anne makes several interviews and she chooses Lindsey a single mother because from all the candidates she seems to complete the most the requierements that Anne needs. But when she calls Lindsey to tell her that she will have the job Anne’s best friend calls her saying she has the perfect person por the job. Anne meets Olivia who’s perfect and has a lot of contacts that can help the company to improve, also she has much more qualifications and skills than Lindsey.
We discussed then what was the best thing to do: Keep the deal with Lindsey? Or hire Olivia? In my case I would hire Olivia because business is first and I would choose the best for my company. In the other hand and, from what my classmates said, Lindsey applied for the job on the time and form previously asked so she has the right to be choosen.

 I think this is about different ways of thinking. Yes, maybe some people would choose Lindsey because she’s the one we already have a deal with but if I were the boss I would hire Olivia if I am sure she’s the best for the job.

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